By John W. Lillpop

Someone needs to check ashtrays in the Oval Office, Air Force One, the White House basketball courts, DC golf courses, and other nooks and crannies frequented by President Obama.

My guess is that the flood of recent bad news has driven The One back to Pall Mall unfiltered cigarettes as a way to combat fatigue and frustration.

For instance, consider this ironic scenario that must have added at least a hundred gray hairs to Obama’s brilliant head:

Because of the economic recession and concern for jobs AND the looming elections, Obama was forced to order the EPA to stand down on several new regulatory buggers, known as “Job Killers” by those who really care about the middle class.

Although Obama’s urgent lust for bankrupting certain non-PC businesses was denied, bankruptcy did visit Solyndra, the president’s pet project in California, taking with it $570 million dollars of stimulus funds.

Which goes to prove the old axiom, “Be careful what you pray for. You just might get it!”