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By John W. Lillpop
For those who fret about Mormonism and the danger of electing a Mormon to the Presidency, there is both bad news and good news to share.
The bad news is that given the mainstream media’s obsession with progressive politicians, it is quite possible that a cult, like that which surrounded Barack Obama in 2008, can succeed in raising enough money and brainwashing enough desperate minds to win the presidency.
In 2008, the mindless mainstream media, when combined with ACORN voter fraud and $750 million dollars, managed to deliver ObamaMania, a cult based on mass worship of a person of color who ‘had no Negro dialect’ and was otherwise ‘clean and articulate,’ according to some of the deepest thinkers in the Democrat Party.

Because of Barack Obama’s charisma, charm, cunning, and color, traditional procedures for ‘vetting’ those who would aspire to the job as the “most powerful person on the planet” were deemed unnecessary by the liberal media which was more interested in assuring that the likes of W. Bush were never again allowed in the White House.

Media complicity and ACORN voter fraud worked like a charm in creating ObamaMania as a world-wide cult and in thrusting a grossly unqualified Barack Obama into the Oval Office.

The rest is history. Ugly history at that.

Record unemployment, devastating federal deficits, loss of American influence throughout the world, and the passage of even more crippling entitlements were our just rewards for allowing the ObamaMania cult to thrive.

Now for the good news, such as it is.

After months of gushing over the high-rhetoric of Barack Obama, the U.S., and indeed the world, were jolted back to reality by the raw facts: Barack Obama was only slightly above average. Any intellectual advantage that he owned was more than offset by his lack of experience, judgment, and common sense.

To put it gently, Barack Obama and ObamaMania were frauds, plucked out of the air by goofy leftists in order to attack W. Bush.

The good news in a nutshell: Cults based on fraud and myth will be rooted out and dismissed by an American public which is a lot smarter than most liberals typically care to admit!