By John W. Lillpop

Someone famous once said about Oakland, California, “There’s No There There!”

All of that changed recently when that world-class hypocrite known as Michael Moore invaded the East Bay town in order to connect, spiritually, with the poor souls of “Occupy Oakland,” those abused 99 % whose reality is that of abject poverty and deprivation, conditions that Moore has obviously avoided given his blubber-blasted bum and face.

Although Moore is a rich and powerful media elitist of the hated 1% variety, that truth did not prevent the bloated lefty from speaking out against those who share his privileged station in life.

As reported at the reference, in part:

“OAKLAND, Calif. – Filmmaker Michael Moore told anti-Wall Street protesters in Oakland that the Occupy movement – which has spread to cities across America and overseas – in inspiring millions who are angry about corporate excess, income inequality and the failure of politicians to address issues facing the majority of Americans.

Addressing about 1,000 Occupy Oakland protesters in front of City Hall Friday, Moore said the week’s events in Oakland will go down as a “watershed moment” in the Occupy Wall Street movement.”

EARTH TO MICHAEL! Rather than polluting the air over Oakland with hypocrisy and liberal pap, why take a more active role in assisting the ‘Occupy Oakland’ masses?

For example, announce that you will undertake a personal “Hunger Strike” until banks and corporations, excluding only firms that fund left- wing “documentaries,” swear off profits all together.

Moore could further lead by example by donating the money he would normally spend on food and drink each day (reportedly hundreds of dollars) to the “Occupy Oakland” trust fund, thereby providing reliable financial support for the 99 % crowd, indefinitely.

Do it Michael, if not for your Occupy Oakland friends, then for your overtaxed heart which is desperate for “Less Moore” to lug around!