Right Thinking from the Left Coast!




By John W. Lillpop

Whom would have thunk that a humble cattle rancher in Nevada would go toe-to-toe against the bloated, but armed, bureaucracy of the United States Bureau of Land Management— and emerge the winner?

Oh, how SWEET the taste of victory by rancher Cliven Bundy over the tyranny of King Barack and his gang of armed bullies!  

In a story somewhat reminiscent of the battles fought and won by American patriots over King George over 200 years ago, Mr. Bundy et al. provided a “Teachable Moment” for King Barack and his inept government of anti-American Marxists, all of whom had apparently forgotten the inalienable sanctity of the right to private property and other individual rights guaranteed by the US Constitution!

One can almost imagine the thunderous roar of cheering  from the throats of the Founders as federal agents retreated from the Bundy ranch– in defeat!

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