Hello, fellow Americans!  It’s great to be alive and well today–I hope you are both!

My name is John W. Lillpop. I am called a writer, satirist, and a variety of other things that I would just as soon forget. 

Mostly, writing is my great passion. I write as recreation, work, and as an aid in battling the blues.  Putting my thoughts into prose and seeing that prose published is therapeutic and a source of great spiritual fulfillment for me.

I write political commentary and satire. Acerbic satire, that is.

If my politics annoy you, then my satire will drive you crazy. That’s just me.

In terms of religion, I am not much of a church person or bible thumper, although I respect people who are so engaged.



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Welcome, fellow blogger. This is Ralphie from the zany site! Signing out for now.

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